Monday, March 15, 2010

Wonka Bars: Now That's What I'm Talking About

Last week I reported on the new Wonka Jellies and Marvels. Today, it's all about the chocolate. "Wonka Bars" have been around since the '70s. They're milk chocolate with pieces of graham cracker. I always found this to be astoundingly disappointing, since the Wonka Bar (according to the book, anyway) was supposed to be Willy Wonka's ultimate creation. Somehow I'd expect it to be a little snazzier than just some second-rate chocolate with cookie dregs. Every now and then I'd buy one hoping that it was better than I remembered, but it never was. But good news folks. That lame bar is now a thing of the past and is being replaced by three new, much better bars.
First, the Scrumdiddlyumptious Chocolate Bar, which is milk chocolate with toffee pieces, cookie pieces and peanuts. Much more exciting, don't you agree? I only got a small taste of this bar. Somehow I think Mr. Goodbar and the Sugar Baby made quick work of it while I wasn't looking. It was good. The chocolate was creamy and the crunchy bits were properly crunchy.Next, the Wonka Chocolate Waterfall bar is a blend of milk and white chocolate. This is a pretty sweet bar. If white chocolate is your thing, then this bar is for you. I found it a bit cloying.Lastly, there's the Domed Dark Chocolate Bar: a slab of dark chocolate with milk chocolate domes on top. Out of all three bars, I expected the least pizazz out of this one, but it turned out to be my favorite. The dark chocolate was exceedingly rich and not at all grainy. It was smooth and had a wonderful mouth-feel.
Overall, I'm very impressed with the new Wonka Exceptionals line. It seems to me like someone was really listening over at the Nestle R&D labs. They took what was a boring, unexceptional bar (The Wonka Bar) and instead created three new yummy, and even somewhat sophisticated, candy bars.

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