Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Easter Basket Primer

(The Easter Bunny paid an early visit to the von Schokolats' this weekend)

I thought I'd write up an Easter basket primer for those of you who may be creating your first-ever basket. There are three types of baskets for you to choose from: Old Skool, Contemporary and pre-packaged.

Let's start with the easy one: pre-packaged. These are the baskets that are sold at drug stores. They usually contain cheap candy and even cheaper toys. These are a travesty and should be banned from the earth forever. Under no circumstances should you ever buy one of these, unless you are Eastern Orthodox and your Easter happens to fall a week later than everyone else and they're the only things left on the shelves.

An Old Skool Easter basket must contain at least three of the following:
  • Plastic Easter grass that gets everywhere
  • Chocolate bunny (hollow is fine; bonus points if it's driving a race car or holding a carrot)
  • Big fat jelly beans-- a bag of mixed colors and a bag of black
  • Peeps
  • Those weird eggs that have a candy shell and mysterious marshmallowy-type center
  • Foil-wrapped chocolate eggs
  • Malted milk eggs
  • Panoramic sugar eggs
  • Paddle ball
  • Stuffed bunny
  • Play Doh, chalk or bubbles
  • A really good quality bunny, definitely solid
  • "Gourmet" jelly beans
  • Homemade marshmallows
  • Truffle eggs
  • DVDs
So ... what's going in your Easter basket?


JoAnn said...

Yes! I totally agree with you on the horrid prepackaged baskets. When I see people buying those at the store I want to walk up to them and ask, "Really, do you even love your children?"

My mom made the greatest baskets when I was a kid. There was usually a Barbie in the center and the jellybeans always managed to graviate under the plastic grass.

Candy Yum Yum said...

Yes! I loved digging through the grass and finding those last few jelly beans. Bonus if they were black!