Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Chocolate Covered Peeps

I went to Walgreen's last week in a driving rain storm to buy some pain patches for my back because, you know, I'm old. The only saving grace of this trip was that I knew I'd get to check out the Easter candy.
I think Easter offers the most variety of any of the candy holidays: Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's. I love seeing all the different bunny- and egg-shaped candies and of course, marshmallow is majorly predominant. I loves me some good marshmallow. So I was thrilled to buy a dark chocolate covered Peep. (They also come in milk chocolate.)
It sure is a pretty thing, all shiny and dark. I wasn't sure what to expect on the inside, but it turned out to be bright yellow (like a Peep) only without the sparkly sugar coating. Unfortunately, I thought these had just a slightly medicinal taste to them and the chocolate was pretty grainy. The fact that the majority of the Peep has sat on my desk uneaten for about five days says something. It says, if you want a Peep, buy a box of Peeps. If you want chocolate-covered marshmallow, go for the Russell Stover.
In other Peep news, I went to the mall today and now that the Sugar Baby is old enough to notice such things, I realized that there are candy machines and claw game machines everywhere. He found one particularly enticing: a machine full of big, clear bouncy balls with Peeps in the center. They were pretty cool, I must admit. I was almost tempted to give him the 50 cents to try it. But then I thought better of it. No need to start that bad habit yet.


Orchid64 said...

It's too bad these aren't better. I love chocolate covered marshmallow and Peeps. I guess it can be allowed to go stale and see if it improves with age. ;-)

Mark D. said...

There are some things you should not cover in chocolate and... chocolate does not magically make everything taste better. Chocolate covered peeps are a fine example of both statements.

I haven't tried the dark chocolate yet, but the milk chocolate isn't any better than what you tried. Oh well, if everyone buys one, Just Born makes a killing, even if they taste bad.

Candy Yum Yum said...

Good point, Mark. I think I paid $1.19 for mine so you're right... they'll do pretty good, even if these aren't a hit for them.