Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Attack of the Giant Peppermint Stick

Here's a cool website for that person who has everything: Great Big Stuff. Check out the 3-pound peppermint stick. I'm not so sure about the kid, though. "Hey kid, 1976 called. It wants your hair back."
They also have a 2-pound Chupa Chup lollipop and, for the person who truly, truly has everything: a monster loaf of raisin bread (plastic, not real). Be sure to put that on your list!


Ice Cube Queen said...

Hello, Candy Yum Yum,
Betsy, your sister, is the peppermint stick lover in our family! Wonder if she remembers seeing that kid in the picture from way back in the 70s!

Carl Weaver said...

I got a giant peppermint stick as a gift once back in the day, when I had that kid's hair. It was fun for about as long as a candy cane is, and then I didn't know how to dispose of it properly without offending the gift-giver.

These are great novelties, though. For some folks, especially the young ones, this would be a real hit. For me, a candy cane is rather strong. Concentrated peppermint like that doesn't do a lot for me. One at a time is good. Give me a monster-sized circus peanut and I would be good all day.

Just don't let that kid touch anything. You know his hand is right sticky from holding that giant stick of sugar!

Bazooka Betsy said...

Yes, I am. In fact, I got a candy cane just like this one when I was 12 or 14. In fact, that may be me in the photo -- I know I had a groovy haircut like this.