Monday, December 01, 2008

Squirrel Watch '08 and a Yummy Treat

Mr. Goodbar set up an elaborate system to coerce Mr. Nutty out of his hiding place yesterday. It worked. The squirrel appeared, I screamed, and he ran out of the house (the squirrel, not Mr. Goodbar). Job well done! Or so we thought. Turns out our house has been acting as a hotel for our little bushy-tailed friends and one by one they've been coming out of hiding. So, as of today, the squirrel count is: 3.
In other news, I just had a most wonderful concoction from Starbucks-- one of their special holiday drinks. It's called an Espresso Truffle and man oh man, it is soooo chocolatey good. Seriously, it's like drinking a truffle. It's probably just as many calories, too. But it was good and now I'm re-charged enough to get back to squirrel huntin'.

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Kris B said...

That is hysterical about the squirrels!