Thursday, December 18, 2008

What's Inside?

I got together with my fellow taste-testing buddies the other day for some much-needed gossip and good food, and a rousing game of White Elephant. I was lucky and got to go first, so naturally I picked the package with all the Hershey Kisses lined up ever-so-festively on top. But then, as I was opening it, I got scared that perhaps the Kisses were part of the "elephant" and they had been around for years. Yikes!
Inside the mystery box was a candle shaped like a gingerbread man and two decks of cards (one shaped like Santa). The Sugar Baby loved the cards, so that was a plus!
As for the Kisses, the giver revealed that they were fresh, just bought, so score for me! And they were the Truffle kind. So overall, not a bad pick. I'm just thankful I didn't choose the candy underwear.

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