Tuesday, December 09, 2008

They Can't All Be As Good as a Kit Kat Dark

The Sugar Baby and I found ourselves near the UK Gourmet last week, so naturally we had to stop in. I've been on a quest for Jelly Tots ever since I read about them on Daisy Chain's blog.
I tried to be reasonable in my purchases, so I only bought a few things, pictured at left. What you don't see is the Galaxy Ripple that the Sugar Baby and I devoured in the car. This was a long, thin stick of chocolate that's all wavy-rippley. I had no expectations-- I simply bought it because I promised someone a special treat if he behaved in the store, and it was plain chocolate and smaller than the other bars. But holy cow, it was G-O-O-D! The chocolate was so smooth and melty. Now that I've done a little research on it, I've found out that Galaxy is the same as Dove. Ah ha! So why don't they sell Ripples in the U.S.?
I was pretty psyched to try the other candies, since my first experience was so good. Well, it went downhill from there. The Catch was milk chocolate with crispies and "soft caramel," so I expected it to taste like a 100 Grand bar. But no. Ick. Maybe it was just stale, but it was inedible. The Catch was no catch, I assure you. So then I moved onto the Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter. Mr. Goodbar said it smelled like wood. It didn't taste much better than that. So disappointing.
As for the Jelly Tots, they're like cute little squashed gum drops, with a chewier texture. I like that one of the flavors is black currant. That's one thing I particularly enjoy about British candies. They were pretty good, but nothing I'd seek out again. All in all, a rather blah British acquisition this time around.


DaisyChain said...

Jelly tots are one of the best candies we have over here,
but then, we don't get half as much choice as you guys so, you are so spoilt! Haha.
Galaxy ripples are a long time favourite of mine, much, much nicer than cadbury flake!

Madame Yum Yum said...

I agree. cadbury flakes have got nothing on the ripples!