Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I heart Dum Dums

I have a new-found respect for Dum Dums. In the past, I've always given them D-list status in the whole candy hierarchy, but my thoughts are changing. Why, you ask? First of all, I tried a tangerine one the other day. It tasted just like a tangerine Life Saver. (Remember those?!) Yum.
Second, I realized they make a great distraction for an ornery 2-year-old who's been stuck in a car seat for six hours. Nothing makes time go by like a cherry Dum Dum. And bonus for me-- because they're so small, I don't have to worry about him having too much sugar or choking.
So three cheers for Dum Dums! Hooray!
And I've posted this before, but I'll do it again, since it's such fun trivia: there are two ways that the "mystery flavor" Dum Dum is created. One, any of the pops that miss getting wrapped on the machine are given a mystery wrapper. Two, the mystery pops are a combination of two flavors, created when they switch the flavors on the machine. Cool!

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Carl Weaver said...

Dum-Dums are a timeless classic. I love these. They are simple and delightful.

I really got excited about them a couple months ago when I had the opportunity to sit and talk to Mr. Spangler, who owns the Spangler Candy Co., which makes them. He handed me one and we were sucking on the candies and he remarked that he has had (at least) one every day of his life for the past 60 years. It's clear from talking to him, even for that brief time, that he is excited about his business and products. That got me excited about them.

A fun candy and a fun guy to talk to! Thanks for helping me relive that moment.