Thursday, February 05, 2009

Don't Play With Your Food! (Or on second thought...)

I've talked about Alexandra many times on here but I've never come up with the right name for her. You see, they just come to me. There's no planning, no looking in the Thesaurus, certainly no asking people what they want their name to be. It just comes in a flash of inspiration. So no name for Alex. That is, until the other night. She handed me the most delightful bag of goodies ... all interesting, cool stuff for Candy Yum Yum. It dawned on me: she's Alexandra Super Shopper! Literally, as I'm typing this, I'm realizing that the abbreviation for her new name doesn't *quite* work. (That's one thing you learn when you have a baby: make sure the initials don't spell something horrible.) Looks like it's back to the drawing board. Anyhow...

First up, she gave me a package of teeny-tiny mini board games filled with candy! They are too cute. Now, I expected that I'd open the boxes and find generic round compressed sugar candies, but no! I was pleasantly surprised. The Monopoly had dog and car candies. Sorry had the game pieces. Operation had hearts and bones. Clue had candlesticks and other weapons and Life had... I can't remember. But so cute. I'd love to do something crafty with the boxes afterward. They're about the size of matchboxes. And ideas?
Then, as if that weren't enough, she gave me this way cool Chocolate Edition of Trivial Pursuit. I haven't played it yet (I'm waiting for the von Schokolats), but I'll be sure to give a full report when I do. Apparently the cards are actually chocolate. I'm not holding out hope that they'll taste great, but at least it's made from Ferrara Pan (creators of the Fireball and Lemonheads) and not Parker Brothers. (And it's on sale now at their website for $6.99!)

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