Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Pretty Sneaky, Sis!"

What you are looking at is a wee set of Connect Four games (or, in this case, Connect Three) that use Smarties as playing pieces.

So cool.

It's school vacation week, which means I get to visit with all my teacher friends that I never get to see any other time. So today the Sugar Baby and I headed up to God's country to see my friend Eric* and his two little cutie-pie daughters. There on the table was one of these little games (without the pieces) and I said, "Oh how cute! Are these for dolls?" and this led to a discussion of how they were from goodie bags and you can't escape the goodie bag trend lest you be labeled the most evil parents on earth. Then he commented how these were useless because there weren't any pieces. That is, until I noticed the roll of Smarties sitting next to it. Ah ha! Suddenly these little games went from cute to totally fabulous. If the girls hadn't been right there, I might've taken one for my collection.

(*Check out his soon-to-be famous blog on family games: www.beyondcandyland.wordpress.com.)

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