Monday, February 09, 2009

Now That's What I'm Talking About!

Take a look at these beauties. These are Kohler Chocolates' Garden Ganache.
They were just featured in the February issue of "O, The Oprah Magazine," which means I could tell you these taste like sawdust and skunk tails and it wouldn't matter one fig, because if Oprah says it's good, well then, by golly, it's good. (Just take a look at our new president.) But for some reason, the kind folks at Kohler sent me some to try. Apparently Oprah's opinion was well-received, but, you know-- they needed the real story from me.
Let me just say, oh yeah. This is some good shizz.
Now, as you know, I'm not usually impressed by truffles. They seem to me to be the candy version of Madonna: all glitz and glimmer, overly-done, and just too much. So I wasn't sure what to expect out of these (although technically they're ganache, which is equal parts chocolate and cream, whereas a truffle has double the chocolate). But let me assure you, dear Yumsters, that these are divine. The shell has a beautiful snap to it. The inside is smooth and creamy and the flavors are subtle and balanced. So far I've tried the raspberry, chai tea, and creme fraiche. All delicious. (I've been gracious enough to split them with Mr. Goodbar who, each night has said, "That's good chocolate.")
The other flavors I still have to try are: coconut, Asian spice, macadamia, passion fruit, Earl Grey, pear and hazelnut coffee.
Their catalog is full of gorgeous photos of their products-- toffee bark, bars, terrapins (their version of turtles), pretzel rods. What can I say? You should check out their website for your valentine. Or better yet, yourself.


Anonymous said...

Oh baby! I just went to the Kohler website and my mouth is watering! thanks for the lead!

Anonymous said...

You make it sound out of this world!!!Can't wait to try some.

Pam Walter said...

OK...I'm sold...where can I get some?