Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is Mercury In Retrograde?

This is what the past couple of weeks have been like for me:

My car gets all possessed and decides that "brake" really means "go." I have a bumper-to-bumper meeting with another car (fortunately no damage) but the guy at the shop says, "Sorry, this isn't under warranty."

I'm busy obsessing over Facebook working on my laptop when I get up to prepare for the Super Bowl. I trip over my powercord and my computer crashes on the wood floor. The lady at the computer repair place listens to it and says, "Yeah, um, that's not really fixable."

Today I bring my 1 year and 2 month old camera into the shop because the toggle button isn't working. The dude looks at it, sprays it with some air and says, "We can send it in for repair, but you're probably better off just buying a new camera."

What is going on? I swear, it's something in the stars.

So I don't have a picture for you today, but I do have an update on some of the other flavors of the Kohler chocolates. The coconut was lovely and delicate, but I almost wanted some texture there. The Asian spice (which I admittedly didn't think I was going to like from the get-go) was a bit too ... culinary for me. But the passion fruit was very interesting. At first I wasn't sure about it because it had a strong citrus zing, but I think I really liked it.

Stay tuned for some more great giveaways. I'll have some fun stuff for my favorite readers.


Ms. Chops said...

Dear Ms. Yum,

I think there's definitely something up. This AM I was washing two gorgeous rice bowls my husband got for me in the city yesterday and one just jumped out of my hand and crash-landed in the sink into a thousand pieces. Heartbreaking, but defintiely not as suck-a-licious as your tale of woe. My condolences to you!

Pam Walter said...

Some days you just need to go home, get back in bed, and then start over. Sorry for all of the bad stuff; sometimes it's easier to deal with one big thing than a lot of smaller ones.

Anonymous said...

I love how Ads by Google puts up "Local Camera Repair," "Warranty Programs," and "Need Computer Help?"!