Thursday, February 26, 2009

Necco, Necco Wafers, Necco Sweethearts, Richard Krause, Necco!

I can't turn down a challenge. I'm not one to try to break a world record or anything, but there are just some ideas that stick in my brain sometimes and I just have to accomplish them. Like when I stole accidentally borrowed a glass from Martha Stewart. Or the other night, when my partner in crime and I spent too much time lingering over drinks and had to sneak a pizza into the movie theater. (Yes, it was in the box.) So today I've been faced with two challenges:

1) One of my super-secret writer friends has thrown down this gauntlet: if I can spin a certain article three different ways, she'll send me some See's candy. Ho ho! This one is going to take some hard work.


2) I'm getting a little obsessed with the Necco heart. I have to have it. I'm not sure what lengths I'm willing to go for it, but the wheels are churning.

1 comment:

Ice Cube Queen said...

Hmmm....get us all Richard Krause's address and we'll storm him with requests to give you that Necco heart!!!!!