Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pay Attention Dog Lovers!

The Fabulous June sent me an e-mail about the dangers of using cocoa mulch in your garden. Some companies make mulch out of cocoa bean shells (which I'm sure imparts a wonderful chocolatey aroma to your yard), but of course chocolate is toxic to dogs, even in mulch form. I checked this out on Snopes and found information from the ASPCA. So just be careful. Save the chocolate for yourself.


Tracey said...

Good to know- my dog is always nosing around in some garden! FYI- jelly bean lovers: Jelly Belly Belly Flops are on sale! Check them out at www.girlzdealz.com.

cybele said...

I've been using cocoa mulch in my front yard for about 10 years. It keeps the cats away and really holds in moisture. That's really important for that garden because we don't water it at all, so it needs to hold whatever rain we get.

(No one lets their dogs run around off leash around here, and I don't use it in the back yard where my dog isn't always supervised.)