Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Candy: Recession-Proof Happiness

The stock market has been a bit like Anna Nicole Smith's life: you know that whatever's going on is going to be ugly, but you just can't help but take a peek. And usually the results are pretty depressing.

So what's a person to do after he watches his 401k shrink down like a giant bag of bright green spinach that's been sauteed into a teeny-tiny, ugly mushy mess?*

Eat candy, of course! This article in The New York Times explains it all so well. Our generation may be cutting down on eating out, drinking good wines, taking vacations and buying the latest techno toys, but candy endures. The only difference is, we're eating less Michel Cluizel and Richart and more Tootsie Rolls and Bit o' Honeys. And that's a good thing!

*Terrible analogy, but I'm writing this before my morning coffee.


philly said...

Aww, I loved the analogy ^__^ Now I want spinach for dinner though XD

Ice Cube Queen said...

Hey, speaking of Tootsie Rolls.... I met a man yesterday who leaves the mini T.R. with everyone he meets...just one or two. The next time he sees them he gives them another one, and on & on. He says that people remember him ...and he also gets treated nicely, too! Maybe we should all do that :)

Necco Door Neighbor said...

I thought of you when I saw this article, but I was too lazy to send you the link! glad you nosed it out!

The Chocolate Nerd said...

I like your blog too! I've added you as well:)