Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wazoo: An Unfortunate Bar with an Even More Unfortunate Name

Here's the thing: No-Nuts was supposed to write this review for me, since technically candy bars are off-limits to me at this time. But spring break has come and gone, and so has she, so I'm forced to write this entry by nose alone.
Well, all right, fine, I did try a bite. Whatever. Let's get down to it. Here, dear Yumsters, is the Wild Berriez Wazoo, "chewy fruity candy sprinkled with crunchies." Its uniqueness was a driving factor in my purchasing it. I had no idea what to expect, although I can say with certainty that I didn't expect a light lavender bar with a bright yellow and pink center. The "crunchies" on top are very similar to Nerds-- very fruity and sour--and the package says they're made in Thailand. (Apparently it's not all just Pad Thai and Massaman curry.) The bar itself smells and tastes like raspberry yogurt. It's chewy like a Charleston Chew. How did No-Nuts feel about it? Well, she only ate one bite, so that says something. How do I feel about it? I'd never want to eat this. I have to give credit to Topps though. They've branched out from their traditional line-up of baseball cards/Bazooka/Baby Bottle Pops to create something totally new and creative. I don't dig it, but I think this will be a big hit with 9-12 year olds.


Emily Catherine said...

I bought one of these because when I see really bizarre looking candy, I tend to buy it. It was pretty much the grossest thing I've ever put in my mouth! It was like melted circus peanuts mixed with marshmallow fluff, except it was the texture of boogers.


Anonymous said...

alright me and my brother tried these wazoo bars a very long timr ago, WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! they were yogurty and sickly sweet, and made us feel overheated haha :( maybe in 30 years if they ever pop up in a novelty store we would buy them for kicks, but not in this decade