Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vanilla Whoppers Milkshake

Today I took the Sugar Baby to evil Wal Mart to buy some green streamers for a craft project that he ended up destroying. It's been another one of *those* days. I blame it on the full moon. In any case, I tried to scope out the Easter candy as best I could without ever stopping the cart, because that's when bad stuff happens-- when you stop the cart. That's when crazy, useless items get surreptitiously hidden in your cart by tiny hands that are quicker than a gypsy pickpocket. It's also when beady little eyes spy the packages of 10,000 stickers or the $19.99 Curious George video and you end up cutting your trip short to avoid the stares of the other people around you who aren't toting along a screaming 2 year old. But I digress.
It was fascinating to see that the Easter candy aisle was laid out by color: pink Peeps with pink M&Ms; blue Robin's Eggs with blue jelly beans. A rainbow of Easter delight! There were even orange Peeps, which I don't think I've seen outside of Halloween. The big excitement, however, came in the form of Whoppers Milkshake. They have two new flavors: vanilla and blueberry.
I just couldn't bring myself to get the blueberry, although I really probably should have because they had the greatest potential of being really gross. But I bought the vanilla and frankly, was a little hesitant to try them because of my bad experience with the strawberry ones. But lo and behold, the vanilla ones aren't half bad. The flavor is much more subtle than I imagined. I was afraid it would be a heavy, Play-Dohy vanilla, but it was quite the opposite. I'd recommend them if a) you like Whoppers and b) you like vanilla.
I took a picture of the tiny carton they came in, but I'm feeling too lazy to download it. Nothing personal. It's just time for bed after a loooooong day of full moon madness.
Here's the picture but, oops, forgot to rotate it!

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