Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Like a Blind Man Reviewing a Movie

The Baroness bought me these on her recent trip to Florida:They're Coco Rhum Bites-- "Delicious Rum Flavored Coconut Treats-- Crushed Vanilla Wafers and Cocoa Dipped in Rich Chocolate." Don't they sound yummy? (Although I think they probably meant to write "Coconut," not Cocoa on the package. I mean, that sounds kind of weird to have chocolate-covered cocoa, and then leave the main ingredient-- coconut-- off the description.)
Well, I've been told they are delicious (by Mr. Goodbar) but I can't tell you myself because ... well ... I sort of gave up chocolate for Lent. I know, I know! I've heard it already-- how am I supposed to write this blog if I can't eat chocolate for 40 days? First of all, I have a back log of posts, so this will be a good time to catch up. And second, I'm being kind of specific in my giving-upedness. I've actually given up candy BARS, not necessarily "candy." So technically I could try one of these Coco Rhum Bites, since it isn't a bar but more like a ball. But there's something to be said about cleansing one's palate (and intestines) of chocolate for a bit. Let's look upon this as an experiment. When the 40 days are up, will chocolate taste different? Will I gorge on candy bars, or will I be more selective? It will be interesting to see. But the real question of course is, can I really do it?
This weekend Mr. Goodbar and I went out to dinner after our guitar lessons (more on this later, perhaps) and the woman at the table next to us was enjoying a glass of wine. "Six days into Lent," she said, pointing to the glass. "I gave up alcohol. I couldn't do it. Now I'll just give up the hard stuff."
So I suppose when it comes to self-imposed abstinence, we all fudge it a little. (Mmmmm, fudge!)


Ice Cube Queen said...

Hey Baroness.... you came to Florida and didn't come to visit! :( Well, I hope you were on the Atlantic Coast then, otherwise you're not forgiven!!!

Necco-Door Neighbor said...

Lent? Are you mental? I like the shape-specific aspect of your abstinence! To support you, I won't eat waffle-form candy for 40 days and 40 nights. Do Sugar Baby and Mr. Goodbar get to eat chocolate in front of you? Saying, mmm, it's so smooth and rich...

Hijinx with Henri said...

It's the ascetic in me. I need to suffer from time to time.
I appreciate your empathy; I won't send over any of my waffley delicious candy bars then.