Monday, March 09, 2009

Real-Life "24"

A couple of weekends ago, I did the most amazing thing: I left my home for 24+ hours without husband or child. Yes, this was my first time away from the Sugar Baby overnight. Yes, I panicked-- for about one second. Then the thought of sleeping late and eating junk food overtook me and it was smooth sailing from that moment on. Here's how it all happened: my friend's husband called me and said, "I'd love to give Susan a break, but I know she doesn't want to go away with me. Could you get away for a night?"
Hell yeah, I could.
And so, overnight bags in hand, we checked into our fantastic room at the inn on the water and we dove right into our blissful, peaceful vacation which consisted mainly of lunch, dessert, champagne, taking turns in the jacuzzi tub reading Us Weekly, bad TV (something about Hugh Hefner and the playmates ... I don't know, I don't have cable), happy hour, Facebook, watching Weeds and more food. So here's where the chocolate comes in. After lunch, we decided to have gelato, only to find that the place with the huge "Gelato" sign only has it in summer. So we went in search of something sweet and came upon a funky place with not only gelato, but lovely cheeses, decadent cakes and an entire aisle of unusual chocolates.
It was a tough decision, but I finally decided upon a bar of bittersweet chocolate with crushed amaretti bits and an Anette's Chocolates "Winter Cabernet" chocolate truffle bar. I was so, so excited for the amaretti one. I really thought it was going to be awesome. Until I opened it a few days later and saw that it had bloomed. The chocolate had turned an icky grey. I tried a nibble, but nope, it was a goner. So very, very sad.
Then the cabernet bar. The funky trapezoid package says, "Our Winter Cabernet bar is a blend of fine Cabernet Sauvignon wine and a rich, dark, Belgian chocolate." Sounds fantastic, right? Well, it was fine. As in, I had a bite and thought, "Well, okay, nothing wrong with that." But at a whopping $3.29 for a 2.1 ounce bar, I expect to be wowed. I definitely wasn't wowed.
Of course, in the end, it didn't really matter, because the important thing was that I got to sleep until 9 a.m. and I took a bath AND a shower, just because I could.
(P.S. The Sugar Baby fared just fine. His pants were on backwards, but hey ... who am I to complain?)

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could go away with my wife's friend!! Oh well I will settle for some good chocolate!!