Monday, March 30, 2009

Candy the Way It Should Be

This past weekend, we headed up to Vermont: me, Mr. Goodbar, Bazooka Betsy, No-Nuts and the Sugar Baby. We each had our own reason for going. Mr. Goodbar was meeting with contractors to begin culling numbers for our Shangri-La project. Bazooka Betsy was looking for an excuse to read her book and sleep late. No-Nuts and Sugar Baby had no choice and I, well, I was on a chocolate mission. More about that later. But first, just thought I'd share this photo I took at the Vermont Country Store. Tourist trap? Yes. Overpriced? Yes. But I give them props when it comes to their candy selection and presentation. I love that you can buy one mini Swedish Fish or gummy strawberry for 10 cents. And of course they had rows and rows of truffles, turtles, licorice, hard candies and retro favorites. Great fun! But I didn't buy anything there. Shocking? Perhaps. But it was only because we had just been to a most fabulous chocolate shop in Walpole, NH. I'll have complete details and photos soon!

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