Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Economic Crisis in Candyland? Visit the Vending Machine

Concerned about the economic state we're in? I was doing okay until I got the following missives from Mr. Goodbar. Of course, I'm not sure which to be more concerned about: 1) The fact that he's neurotic focused enough to count the M&Ms in the package; 2) the fact that he seems to have spare time on his hands uses his valuable lunch break to count M&Ms; or 3) the fact that he just gave away a brilliant idea for coconut M&Ms. In any case, here's Mr. Goodbar's analysis of the state of the M&M:

So I counted today: In a packet of almond M&M's, which cost $0.94, I get 14 candies. If, on the other hand, I use the $0.25 peanut M&M dispenser (for which all profits got to charity), I get 13 candies. I know we're not comparing apples to apples here (or almonds to almonds, as it were), but it still seems to be quite the price differential.
Also, ever notice that in every other packet (or handful) of peanut M&Ms, there is always one that tastes different (and rather bad)? I've switched to almond because these 'off' ones gross me out.
Don't say I never wrote you anything candy-related.


I got an $.80 bag of peanut M&Ms, and got 22 candies. No 'off' one this time.
So to recap:
Almond M&Ms in the packet from a store: $0.94 / 14 M's = $0.067 per M

Peanut M&Ms from vending machine: $0.80 / 22 M's = $0.036 per M

Peanut M&Ms from charity machine: $0.25 / 13 M's = $0.019 per M
Each is roughly double the price of the next cheapest, with prices rising exponentially. If they made coconut M&Ms - coating the entire coconut in chocolate and a candy shell - I figure you'd be paying about $1,000 per candy.
The charity machine is by far the best value, even with the occasional 'off' one. And think of the joy the Shriners will bring to the suffering children with their clown cars and their fez's because of my sweet tooth.
AH! The Peanut M&M packet as a warning: May contain Almonds - but *NOTHING* about peanuts. I'm so confused...

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