Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Unveiling of the Sugar Baby's Costume

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for. For Halloween, the Sugar Baby is going as:
(wait for it... wait for it...)


I always promised myself that I would never buy a costume because, you know, I'm much more creative than that. And I really, really, really wanted the Sugar Baby to have a candy-themed costume, because I'm obsessive compulsive cute like that. But then the plague hit (thanks everyone for your good wishes; I'm on the mend) and the thought of turning a pillowcase and sweatpants into a roasting marshmallow or white Tic Tac-- while quite funny--was a bit overwhelming. So I went to the new Target, expecting to find row upon row of glorious costumes, only to find it ransacked with nothing left but a couple of bumble bee costumes for dogs and a few random horns and tails.

So then I went to Old Navy and holy cow!! Their warm, cozy costumes were on sale for $5!! FIVE BUCKS! I mean, seriously, you can't beat that. So it was between a bat (which I would've gotten, except the hat part was creepy), the dragon or a kitty which was really cute but was pink and white and despite what I'd have you believe about me ("I don't fall into gender stereotypes! If he wants to have a tea party and wear a tutu, more power to him!"), I just couldn't do it. So a dragon it was. It wasn't until today, when I was daydreaming of Jemaine, when it came to me--Albi the Racist Dragon, whose tears turn into jellybeans! Hooray! Halloween has been saved.


DaisyChain said...

that is so adorable!
I wish I were young enough to dress up
(or even that we celebrated Halloween here)

Jody said...

If he has a good friend, maybe the friend could dress as a badly burnt Albanian boy.

Candy Yum Yum said...

Ha! Yes, I told Mr. Goodbar he had to go as the Badly Burned Albania Boy. I'm not sure what that looks like, but oh well...
I think I might go as the Boom King.