Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Devil Made Me Do It

As usual, the weather reports said there would be a massive snow storm this weekend. Like any good irrational person, I headed to the grocery store to stock up on milk and bread because--oh my-- imagine if I had to go a day or two without these essentials. Then I sent Mr. Goodbar an e-mail and told him to be sure to stop at the liquor store* on the way home because being caught for a day or two without some refreshing beverages, well now, that really would be an emergency.

And then the devil on my shoulder whispered in my ear.

"You might want to get some chocolate."

The angel on my shoulder replied,

"But she's trying to be so good with her diet. If she doesn't have it in the house, she won't eat it."

Devil: "She could be shut in for weeks without any chocolate."

Angel: "It probably won't snow more than an inch."

Devil: "Maybe she should just look to see if anything strikes her fancy."

Angel: "That would mean going out in the cold again."

Devil: "She did forget to buy bread at the grocery store."

Angel: "She won't die without chocolate."

Devil: "You don't know that."

Guess who won out?
There was a display of Valor chocolates, made in Spain. There were cool flavors like orange and pear, but when I saw banana--a rare flavor with chocolate-- I knew I had to get it. I expected it to be a chocolate bar with banana cream inside, so I was quite surprised when I bit into it and realized it was solid chocolate with banana, um, I'm not sure what they were. It was almost like tiny bits of toffee, only they were banana. At first chew, I wasn't sure about this at all. But by the second piece, I was hooked. This is some good shizz, as the kids say. And speaking of kids, No-Nuts is going to do her own review of this lovely, unusual bar.

(*For those of you who don't live in states with ridiculous Blue Laws, you're probably saying, "Why didn't you get your wine at the grocery store?" The answer is, because we can't. Some old dudes in powdered wigs way back when decided the evil offending firewater would be best sold in a separate store that's located no where near where you have to run all your other errands.)

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