Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hey Pocky, Balance Your Chi!

There's this totally creepy, scary Asian supermarket nearby--it's in a cement block building and there aren't any windows-- that I've always wanted to go into, but I've been afraid to tote along the Sugar Baby, just in case it turned out to be a drug front or something. So the other day, while No-Nuts and I were out, I saw the perfect opportunity and dragged her along.
It wasn't too scary inside, although I did avoid the entire meat and fish section.
The good news was, they had Coconut Pocky! Hooray! I was so excited. And No-Nuts actually found some stuff she wanted-- some chocolate wafer cookies, Men's Pocky and a drink called "Sac Sac Tangerine Juice." I was disappointed in their selection of Kit Kats, though. They had a berry one, and a McFlurry, which has something to do with McDonald's but I'm not sure what.
I've been wanting Coconut Pocky forever, so that night I sat down with a glass of wine, an episode of Arrested Development and my box o' Pocky.
Sadly, I was disappointed. I'm not sure what I expected, but I think the coconut flakes are just too big for the delicate stick. It seems out of balance. No-Nuts, on the other hand, loved her Men's Pocky. I was hoping she'd leave some before she left for Florida, but no ... instead she left the wafer rolls which I'm sure are half melamine.


Ice Cube Queen said...

What are you feeding my little baby!!!

On September 30, 2008 Hong Kong authorities have announced that melamine has been detected in Pocky Men's coffee cream coated biscuit sticks made in China. Ezaki Glico had no immediate comment on the reported contamination. The melamine contamination level was found to be 43 ppm (legal limit is 2.5 ppm).

Gabrielle McD said...

Betcha I know where you mean. It is where I buy my miso paste. Agree with the avoidance of fish, vegetables, etc. What may have pooped on the baby bok choy? Check out the freeze dried bugs and tiny fish.... YIKES. Fun place though. My daughter gets her slippers there. Happy New Year - Frau Marzipan with an Asian twist!

DaisyChain said...

Haha, our local Asian supermarket is a cement block, windowless building too. I never go in alone.

Coconut pocky sounds good, I'm gonna track some down, just to see if it really is dissapointing or curiosity is getting the better of me.