Sunday, January 11, 2009

Guest Review: No-Nuts' Debut Review

Good Evening ladies, gentlemen, and "other"
I'm here to tell you about an experience that can CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Let me begin with a little background information: I am a young college student working my way to make a huge impact on society. I am a very studious student and a very active athlete. It is absolutely necessary for me to eat right so I can perform all the tedious tasks of an everyday college student, athlete, and worker.
A mini summary of what I ate this past week: basically I ate a bagel, fruit, protein shake, sandwich, more fruit, granola bars, chips, pretzels, fruit, yogurt, pasta, bread, salad, snacks, snacks, snacks, and more snacks every single day.
You see I was training in Florida for swimming where I practiced in the pool twice a day and ran and did dryland workouts everyday. My fellow teammates and I were literally stuffing our faces every second we weren't working out. No joke I definitely woke up at least once every night and slept-walked over to the food table and stuffed my face. I actually ran into one of the other girls doing the same thing one night.
This week my chocolate bar was Hershey's Cookies and Cream. That has been my favorite chocolate bar since I first got introduced to it. Since 7-11 was on the way back from the pool every night and it was a 2 mile hike to the hotel I stopped there and got one after every afternoon practice.
However, as I arrived in New England this morning freezing my nice tan little bum off I realized I was having chocolate withdrawals. So I hobbled over to the couch where Aunt Candy Queen is chillin out on facebook. I put on the puppy dog pout face and asked "Question. Soo what kind of chocolate have we got in stock this week?" She slowly begins to smirk, "Dude I got some of the best banana flavored chocolate in the world!" This previous summer she introduced me to the Dove Bananas Foster chocolates. I fell in love with them because I believe that chocolate and bananas were a match made in heaven. So I ran to the desk where all the candy is kept and start scrambling through everything else that's kept on there. Alas I came across them. I took out a piece and bit the corner. Not only is the chocolate so smooth but there's another texture I crossed paths with. There are little bits of something inside it making it have a little "crunchy" taste. It's something no one can describe exactly. You sort of have to try it for yourself, but let me tell you it is PERFECT.
So, unfortunately for my dear sweet Hershey's Cookies and Cream they must move aside to make room for Valor's dark chocolate with banana. While I'm sure my cookies and cream will always be much cheaper and more accessible these Valor chocolates are much healthier (they're all natural) and even possibly make me look at least a tad bit more mature.
Folks, I really do not think I can describe to you how enjoyable this chocolate really is because we all have different taste buds and cravings. It is definitely something you should consider picking up though, at least just once. Trust me might have your own story to blog about next! Sincerely yours,


Ice Cube Queen said...

Okay, so now I'm getting in trouble at work! I'm sitting here thoroughly enjoying your blog and laughing my head off, and a co-worker comments, "What's so funny?!" Oops!
Thanks for an enjoyable 5 min.!

Baz said...

Nice job, NoNuts! I could definitely here your voice here: "Question: Soo..."

Nice pix too!