Monday, January 19, 2009

Hail to the Chief!

In honor of tomorrow's momentous occasion when Barack Obama takes office as the first black president of the United States (I get all weepy just writing that), I figured I'd propose my idea for a presidential candy bar: The Bar-O (not to be confused with Bar None.) I haven't decided what it would consist of though. Here are some thoughts:

1) In celebration of his Hawaiian heritage, a coconut bar with crunchy macadamia nuts and little bits of dried pineapple covered in dark chocolate.
2) In homage to his African heritage, dark chocolate from Ghana with bits of cocoa and coffee nibs. This would, of course, be an Equal Exchange product.
3) A bar inspired by the Stars and Stripes: white chocolate studded with dried blueberries and dried cherries.
4) Or, my favorite: a multi-layered bar of hope, progress, change, smoked sea salt caramel (apparently his favorite) and dark chocolate, smothered in peace and justice for all.

It's going to be a wonderful day, dear Yumsters. Be sure to stock up on your favorite candy while you watch the inauguration. (And for a blog post that gets to the heart of the matter, check out today's Derfwad Manor.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh, it brings tears to my eyes.
obama should save your work for
his next book