Sunday, January 25, 2009

Please Show Your I.D. Before Reading This Post

I've been wanting to try this Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock ever since I heard about it, although truth be told, I didn't expect it to be very chocolatey. I've had other "chocolate" beers before (stouts and porters) that tasted like, well, beer. But, according to the tag, this beer is aged on a bed of dark cocoa nibs from a Swiss chocolatier. Okay then, I had to try it.

I just came across it last weekend, and at $15 a bottle, I was hesitant. But I had reason to celebrate (as in, I finally got paid), so I splurged.

The young lad who helped me get it down off the top shelf said it was really good and actually tastes like chocolate, unlike other so-called chocolate brews.

Soooo... he was right! Wow. It really did taste like chocolate. Kind of like a cross between cold hot chocolate and beer. Hmmm. That sounds kind of gross, but really, it was pretty darn good. I tried to split it with Mr. Goodbar, but I ended up having about 3/4 of it, which gave me a tummy ache. I'd like to hear what Ms. Chops has to say over at Hops & Chops. Can beer and chocolate successfully meld? Our is it a combination fraught with difficulties, like say, bacon and chocolate? What do you think dear Yumster?

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Ms. Chops said...

Madame Yum Yum, I think perhaps you should have stopped with- "I drank 3/4 of it and it gave me a tummy ache" -doesn't really make me want to try one myself! I have always been wary of flavored beer, so I can say I won't be seeking it out esp. with the $15 price tag. To me, if you want chocolate, have some chocolate, and leave the poor beer alone! Chocolate malt however is another story...