Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's a wrap

It's time to wrap up the great Euro Candy Exposition '07.

  • One of my favorites of the whole lot of goodies was a Ritter Sport Quadrago Erdbeer-Joghurt. (A bite-sized chocolate bar filled with a strawberry yogurt filling.) It was a nice balance of sweet chocolate and tangy/sour strawberry yogurt. MMMM!

  • Perhaps the most disturbing "candy" was the licorice sticks from Holland. These were actual pieces of licorice root--they look like any old twig you'd find on a tree-- except you chew them to get to the licoricey center. They're waaaay strong and it's just a little freaky to be gnawing on a stick.

  • I really, really liked the wee little bar of Hussel Edelbitter. The chocolate was yummy and the bar was the perfect size to satisfy a craving without going overboard. It's the Fun Size for the Euro crowd.

Lastly, I shall leave you with this picture of the Baron enjoying a perfect day reading a book and eating salted licorice fish from a pile on his belly. As the day went on, his shirt crept higher and higher until the Baronness walked over and pulled it back down. When she did, there was a surprise! A lone salted fish was hiding there, waiting to be savored.

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