Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A love that was meant to be

I live with a decidedly non-candy addict. Oh sure, he likes really good dark chocolate, but when it comes to good old check-out counter candy, he's clueless, with the exception of Mounds and Mike & Ike's, which he'll occasionally indulge in. (How's that for candy choices? But I digress.) He's constantly saying to me, "I don't get it. Why the obsession with candy bars when you can have real chocolate?" And my answer is, if you don't get it, I can't explain it. It's about nostalgia and comfort food and fun. So when the bucket of PayDays arrived a couple of weeks ago, his response was, "Yuck. I hate those." Good, I thought, all the more for me, but then I asked him, "Have you ever tried one?"

A ha. He hadn't. Not that he could remember anyway. So after work one day, he acquiesced and decided to try one.

Fast forward to last night. He came home from work and immediately went for the bucket. "PayDays are my new favorite candy bar," he declared. "I like them even more than Mounds." Holy cow! Call the mayor! Ring the church bells! He likes them, he really likes them! And then there was this in my in-box this morning; the subject was simply "PayDays":

I brought one in to eat after lunch, but it keeps calling to me from it's spot beside my monitor. Oh, sweet siren call! I am powerless to resist…
…mmm, peanuts and caramel….

And so there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. I truly believe there is a candy for everyone. Sometimes it just takes some searching.

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