Monday, August 06, 2007

The Name Game

What a creative bunch ya'll are! You've sent in some great suggestions for Henri's phantom sibling. For girls, some suggestions included:

Mary Jane

Baby Ruth

Cella (cute if we were Italian!)

Jordan (like the almonds; very nice!)


Marzipan (that almost has a Greek goddess ring to it)

and the very popular Kit, after Kit Kat. I love this one!

For boys:

Charlie (after Charleston Chews, although it could also be after Charlie Bucket)
William (after Willy Wonka)
John, Richard or George (after the Cadbury clan; too many Georges in my family though)
Daniel Peter (after the inventor of Swiss chocolate)
Skor (LOVE this!)

The Baron had his own special list that he sent in which included:
Whatchamacallit (so he wouldn't have to remember the kid's name)
100,000 dollar bar (only a portion of what the kid would cost)
Kiss (because she'd be so sweet--- awwww!)
And, if there is no other sibling, he suggested changing Henri's name to "Bar None."

So there you have it. I'm going to pick a few of my top choices and post them in a poll. Remember, the person who suggested the winning name gets a coupon for a free Nestle Crunch Crisp!

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Sera said...

Whachamacallit! Too fully!!!