Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What's next? Black pepper gummie bears?

These, my friends, are salted licorice fish or, as I suppose the translation would be, "salted herring."
They're gross.
Not as gross as the licorice that Betsy brought me back from Amsterdam, but definitely not my kind of candy.
The Baron liked them, just a few at a time, but he said my Amsterdam licorice offered more of a surprise because the salt was incorporated into the licorice rather than dusted on. In either case, I'm just not digging it. Hats off to people who can eat this stuff. I'll stick with Twizzlers.


Heather said...

My coworker's wife is Swedish and she brings these things back when she goes to visit (since I can't seem to find them here). Nobody likes them... but me. I love them, everything about them! I'll take all the leftovers!

B Menadeva said...

I loooove them.. In Denmark we have them too. This is the one thing I bring with me when i travel.. and the good thing about it, is that usually nobody likes it, so I can keep it to myself :)