Thursday, May 29, 2003

Okay, now that I'm back and settled into my usual routine, I can comment on candy.
My Fave Candybars:
1) Goldenberg's Peanut Chews. Not so easy to find, and perceived by some as "old people" candy. But these are extremely satifying. They're peanuts and a chewy sort of molassesy-caramel covered in dark chocolate. Actually, they've just released a milk chocolate version, but of course I like the dark better.
2) Nestle's Crunch: Nice texture and mouth feel. A good candy bar when you're not totally hungry, as they're a bit more meager than others. I like to take a bite and eat it, then take the next bite and suck on the chocolate until it starts to melt, leaving just crispy rice on your tongue. Yum. The latest versions-- crunch with caramel, double chocolate and I forget the other one-- are also good. Note that I actually enjoy Krakle more, but those aren't as easy to find.
3) Snickers. The All-American candy bar. Good for when you're hungry. "It really satisfies."
4) Reese's. I quite enjoy the dry crumbly texture of the peanut butter, but I always feel sick after eating them. Do not care for the latest versions: white chocolate and dark chocolate. Dark choc. and PB are not a good combination.
5) Kit Kats: A stale KK is a bad thing. But a really fresh one is YUM. Here's how I like to eat them: break off the first stick (or "finger" as it is properly called according to the KK website). Using your front teeth, gently bite away the chocolate all along the sides. Then, again using your front teeth, remove the top wafer layer and eat. Next, scrape the sugary inside along your bottom teeth. Alternate this process with regular bites.
6) Junior Mints. Everytime I have them I can't help but say, "It's a JUNIOR mint," like on Seinfeld. Smooth and creamy and no fat. In every box, though, it seems like there's always a few weird ones that have solidified. I'll have to investigate why that is.
7) Mallo Cups. Oh, what a beautiful thing. A chocolate/toasted coconut cup filled with gooey marshmallowy goodness. Rare to find, but such a special treat.
8) Mr. Goodbar. A nice candybar.
9) Special Dark. Soooo yummy, this is for the more sophisticated palate. Not as good as say, Lindt chocolate, but definitely better than Ghiradelli.
10) Sky Bars: Haven't had one in years, but there's something really special about a candy bar with four different fillings. What are they, you ask? Fudge, peanut, marshmallow (or vanilla) and caramel.

Candy bars I DON'T like (but will eat if desperate enough):
1) Milky Ways
2) 3 Musketeers
3) Anything with white chocolate