Monday, May 10, 2004

I heart Canada

It's a groovalicious day full of sugary goodness. Betsy went to Montreal and brought me back the motherlode: one box Glossette raisins, one Mr. Big, one Kit Kat chunky, one Aero (milk chocolate), a Wunderbar and yes, yes, one glorious, delicious, crispety, wafery Coffee Crisp. Can you say Amen?!
Oh yeah, check out his website: It's delicious.
Okay, okay, so I haven't been keeping up with this blog. It's not that I haven't been eating candy...of course I have. I just returned from a weekend in New York that included a stop by Dylan's Candy Bar, of course. There, Steve Almond was signing copies of his new book, "Candy Freak." Here's the thing...I've read a few chapters so far and it's really funny and very clever, but I'm just so jealous that he wrote this book and it didn't even occur to me to try and put MY candy memoirs down on paper like that. ugh. Anyhow...
I was really psyched because they had Mallocups (which have been out of commission for some time now.) I also purchased Charms hard candies, a Valomilk and a Twin Bing. I went back to the hotel, started reading the book and tore open the Mallocups. Imagine my disappointment when they were hard as a rock. Probably a case left over from the old days. how sad.