Thursday, November 29, 2012

Desperately seeking Elvis Reese's

Hey friends, can you help a fellow Yumster out? I received an e-mail yesterday from a reader who has started a Reese's collection. He eats the candy and then saves the wrappers. Here's his dilemma: back when the Elvis Reese's with banana was out, he tried one, but didn't keep the wrapper as he hadn't started his collection yet. Now he's kicking himself. Does anyone have a spare wrapper around? If so, contact me and we'll work out the logistics. I'm sure he'll be forever grateful!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween 2012: Trick.

Here's the deal. I've tried to write a post about Halloween about three times now and I just couldn't do it. In the past, Halloween has been fodder for dozens of posts. This blog practically lives on the big three candy holidays: Halloween, Valentine's Day and Easter. But things are kooky here in the Northeast. Last year, we had a hurricane and then a snow storm. This year ... same thing. Apparently Mother Nature loves repetition. Last year trick-or-treating was postponed, but we ignored the First Selectman's mandate and went out anyway. This year, that was impossible, as most of the town was without power and trees and power lines made it too dangerous. In fact, on Halloween, I found myself going to visit my parents to see how they were doing without power. On the way there, I passed their church, which, as you may remember, is our traditional Stop #1 on the great trick-or-treat circuit. (You can get the whole background here.)
As I drove past, I noticed that there were candles lit in the windows of the rectory. I knew I had to stop. I pulled over, jumped over some fallen branches and knocked on the door. I could see Father John's big basket o' candy all set up for any potential ghosts and goblins that might come knocking.
"I'm so glad to see you!" he said. Even though I didn't have the Sugar Baby in tow, I HAD to fulfill the annual ritual. Fr. John didn't seem too hopeful about getting any trick-or-treaters that night, but I was happy to see that he had enough hope to have the candy basket stocked.
As it turned out, he had some special candy for the Sugar Baby. He'd been to Salem recently, and got these awesome chocolate rats and witches. I love the label: "Bag o' Salem Witches."


Trick-or-Treating in his town should be happening right now as I type, a week and a half after actual Halloween. As much as I love the holiday, it's just way too weird to celebrate it this late in the game. I hope Fr. John meets his goal of over 200 visitors, but I'm not too optimistic.