Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!

Our lovely model No-Nuts gives the White Russian a smooch.
Those wacky gents over at Lollyphile have done it again-- they've created a boozy-flavored lollipop for those of us who just can't be satisfied with a Cream Soda Dum Dum. To add to the list of Absinthe and Bourbon lollipops, they've now created a White Russian pop.
Back in the day (that would be the early '90s), White Russians were my drink of choice because really, what's better than cream and booze? But then one night, at a divey bar with the rest of my Creative Writing class, I ordered a White Russian and was told, "We ran out of vodka (?!) but I can make you one with gin." Stupidly, I agreed. Let me assure you that there's a reason there are no drinks made with gin and cream. I've never had another White Russian since.
When I heard about Lollyphile's latest creation, though, I thought it was time to revisit the past. These pops are hefty; I really can't imagine eating a whole one in one sitting. I've got to admit, the initial aroma was a bit unappetizing, more sharp than creamy. But the taste is quite similar to a White Russian: coffee, cream and the zip of vodka. No, you can't get loaded off these things. (Trust me, I asked. I was told you wouldn't get any more buzzed than if you drank a gallon of vodka marinara.)
Four pops will set you back $10 (remember, I said these are hefty; you could probably suck on one for a week) or you can go for the Boozy Mixed Six Pack for $15. A fun gift for the booze hound in your life!

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Cindy W. said...


Just wanted to comment and say that I was impressed with the White Russian flavor when I tried these pops a while ago, too, but everything went wrong when I tried to order a batch of them.

I've been waiting on my order for nearly three months now! I haven't received the product, or a refund, or even any response from the company to a number of emails asking about this that I've sent into the company! I've discovered that many people have had this problem before, having to wait months before getting their product. There are even some people who, as of right now, still haven't received any word from the company or their product! Some of them have even been waiting for longer than me!

Anyway, though their pops aren't bad, their customer service is the absolute worst and they seem to have a habit of running off with customers' money!