Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hello! Anyone home?

I didn't necessarily mean to abandon this blog. At the very least, I couldn't let a mangled coconut almond Santa be the last post ever. Things just got crazy. First it was the new computer. Then my camera died. (Yes, I was still using a camera at that point.) Then for some God-knows-why reason, I couldn't get anyone to take my money to renew my domain name, so it expired and some lunatic is now charging over $2000 for it. No sir. The final straw was when MAC makeup released a lipstick called Candy Yum Yum. They didn't even check with me. Or send me a case of samples. So this here place has gotten a bit dusty and old. Like a creepy bodega that has ancient packages of ribbon candy for sale during the summer.

I still love candy, and I still love to hear from you. Perhaps someday Candy Yum Yum will rise from the ashes. Until then, sweet eating, Yumsters! It's been a trip.

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