Friday, February 29, 2008

Lemon Creme Kisses! Orange Creme Kisses!

I woke up this morning to a bright, shiny new day. A day frought with possibilities. A day with absolutely Nothing. To. Do. Nothing. It seems we've done it all this week. We've been to the library, the grocery store, Playtime Village. We've visited friends, we read "Rainbow Rob" five thousand times. What were we going to do? Then I remembered that the Sugar Baby's music teacher suggested that we get a harmonica for hours of noisy fun. So we hopped in the car and went to Target where, before walking in, I promised myself: no unnecessary purchases. Here was my list:

1) Harmonica

2) Baby wipes

Of course they hit you with the $1 bargain rack as soon as you walk in. They had some nice Sesame Street board books, so the Sugar Baby got two to entertain him as I walked around the store. "Focus!" I told myself. I got the wipes. Then onto the toy department where I tried to carefully scan the signs so I wouldn't have to walk down every aisle and be tempted by the really cute shovels (we're supposed to get snow tomorrow) and the art kits and the bath toys. I found a harmonica for $1.99. A Made in China, lead paint and loose chokable parts harmonica. It was that or the $8.99 Made in China, unpainted, more secure parts harmonica with music book. Guess which one I bought?

At this point, I should've headed straight for the check out, but no, I had to go to the candy aisles. Let me just say, Target has got it going on as far as Easter candy is concerned. They had some really cool things. Very, very cute chocolate farm animals, edible Easter grass, Lindt bunnies, chicks and lambs ... all sorts of stuff. I really hope the Easter Bunny goes there for the Sugar Baby's basket. Anyhow, as far as new stuff, I found Wild Cherry M&Ms (I hate cherry, so someone else is going to have to try those) and then, taa daa! Orange Creme and Lemon Creme Kisses. I got the lemon ones. They're very similar to the Candy Corn Kisses that Target had at Halloween in that they're white chocolate. I was kind of hoping they were chocolate with fruit filling, but I knew they wouldn't be. Anyhow, the lemon ones are white and yellow and have a very citrusy, *fresh!* lemon taste, followed by a sweet, sugary white chocolate creaminess. They're good. Not what I'd want if I was hankering for chocolate, but they're tasty. They'll be yummy on top of some lemon Easter cookies.
In the end, I ditched the Sesame Street books, taking a whopping $2 off my bill.

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